L-R McClure,Kaiser Frt Row
Munkel, Clark, Mann
Memorial Service on USS
Hornet. Lamond & Moore
Doc & Helen Judge, Dunc
&    Marian Rowles
B Miller,Y & D Runkle, K
Spohn Hospitality Room
P & B Hultberg, S & N
M Phillips & ??, help
Blue Angels perform
over our Hotel for us.
San Francisco CA. Cable
San Francisco CA New
Ball Park,"Cal-Com"
Barb Hulberg rides stick
horse Paul wants to be next
Little Mac,Arnie Wegher and
Martha Moore Dinner Cruise
Old  Bethlehem Steel Shipyard
and Dry dock, off  third St.
Sandstrm,Gamel,, Hahn
and Bill Forbes.
Larry and Pat Terracino &
Doug Runkle Hosp RM
Bill and Linda Miller ready
Don Johnston assumes the
Con underway SF Bay
Lucy Ryles,Capt. Current
& Billie Bussell lay the
wreath on the USS Hornet
Old Glory with Golden Gate
Bridge in background
Jim & Judy Sandstrom
Archie & Martha Moore
Mac & Little Mac
Pat & Larry Terracino
William & Helen Kaiser
Richard & Karen Brent
Reunion 2003  
Newport R.I.
Reunion 2003 at
Newport, RI
Wreath laying service
on USS Massachusetts
Fred and Jerry Estep
tie the knot at the reunion
Reunion 2003 Clam
Bake. All you can eat
Sandy McRoberts
& VADM Weschler
Reunion 2003 Dinner
Dance at "O" Club
Assn. President Russ
McDonald at Reunion
2003 Newport R. I.
Reunion 2003 VADM &
Mrs. Weschler dance
Newport R I War College
Reunion 2003
Tour of BB's and lunch
Reunion 2003
Looking down the business
end of USS Massachusetts
Mac & Mac & Lighthouse
they conquered  2003
Reubion 2003 Mac &
Slick & Mac of Supply
Dennis Beers in the
Hospitalty Room
The Kaisers and the
Hultburgs tell Sea Stories
Reunion 2001 on
tour Joe Barbarito
Don & Vonnie Johnston
Bud & Nancy Goss
Joe & Mac on La Jolla  
Reunion 2001 San
Reunion 2001 San Diego
Group dinner
2001 reunion, Mr. Reaves
allways smiling.
Pat and Denise Kling
2001 reunion San Diego
Terry Genow tells Ed
Michelson a sea story.
Reunion 1999 river cruise
Montrose Family  
Philly 1999-Little
Mac at Liberty Bell
Philly-1999 Bob
Funt & Little Mac
McClure, Meenan, Jardine
Clark,,Lund and Behrens
Skippy Clark wins
Suzanne Moore award
Ed Tucker drives
USS Yorktown
Men of Montrose
Reunion 1999
Little & Big Mac, Archie
Moore & Bob Gay at the Wall
Captain and Mrs
Philly Vietnam
Reunion 1997
Mexico Cruise
Tom Gamel & Wayne
Montrose Family wet
there wihistle .
D & M Rowles,R & D
McDonald, B & D Bussell
Reunion Plan Of
The Day
D & R McDonald
R & K Brent
Underway on Viking
Serenade to Baja
Joe and Sharon
Patton underway
Gene Cain and
Mayor Tony Batten
??   ??  ??
Doug and Yolanda
Send off party the night
before getting underway
Arriving in Baja
Mexico cruise
Russ McDonald Jr
Russ McDonald Sr
Native Dance of
Hussongs popular
watering hole
Return to port, ready
to rest
Joe,Litle Mac
and Terry
A few of us went to
San Diego after.
Captains wine
Terry Slick,Henry,Mac
Wayne and Terry
dream of the Capt
wine celler
Reunion 1995
Manitowoc, WI.
Help, need pictures.
Reunion 1993
Savannah, GA
Our Reunion Host
Tony Batten
Dance-Big John
Ridderbush and
Vietnam Vets and
their loved Skipper
Dance the night
Best buddies-watch out
Reunion 1991
Gettysburg, PA.
Welcome Montrose
Mac waiting for a
Barbara & Tony
Captain & Mrs. Gautier
with Ken Gaugh
Pat Allen SH3
Div. arriving
Gettysburg Cemetery
Mary/"T" & the Adm
Margaret & Ty
M/Mrs. Reaves & M/Mrs
Barnett with Lamond
Joe Barb, loving
The Millers and the
Reunion 2001
San Diego CA
Reunion 1999
Philadelphia PA.
2nd Division rides
again. 2001 reunion
Rhodelander 1st
Div & Moore 1st
Div. Wannabe