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Works written by members of the USS Montrose
(Along with articles about the USS Montrose)
"Comrades in Arms" is a collection of true stories written,compilied,
edited and published by W. A. Williams. In this book is a story by a
Montrose Family member Lewis Durest. "THE ROSE OF OKINAWA"
The story covers the landing at Okinawa by Montrose and the
splashing of enemy aircraft.
"The Boarders in Korea" A book dealing with "The Kings Own Scottish
Boarders" and there operations in Korea which encluded sailing on the
USS Montrose. The strong bond that developed between crew
members and troops are mention in this story of war.
"The National Geographic Magazine" June, 1955 issiue. A sixteen
page article on the "Passage to Freedom" in  Vietnam. With pictures of
the USS Montrose and the people themself.
" Vietnam Magazine"  June 2000 a story written by our own USS Montrose
Family member Jim Ruotsala covers the "Passage to Freedom" through
""Sea Classics Magazine" Vol. 4 1985. The article  covers the ARG/SLF
(Amphibious Ready Group/Special Landing Force) in Vietnam which the
USS Montrose was a part of most of the time in Vietnam. It covers most
of our "Special Ops of 1965 and 1966.
"Vietnam, The Naval Story" written by Frank Uhlig Jr. This book cover's
the Navy's role in the Vietnam from A to Z. With in that it covers all and
OPS of the "Mobil Riverine Force" which Montrose was a part of.
"Vietnam, Coastal and Riverine Forces" by Barry Gregory. This book
covers the Vietnam War from the aspect of the special boat Task Forces
along with there special equipment used during the war. This also touched
on Montrose.
"Valley of the Shadow" by Captain Ed. Y. Hall, U.S. Army. This book covers
Captain Hall's tour in the "Mekong Delta" Vietnam as a MAC-V officer. It goes
into things and ways the war was handled. He devotes a whole chapter on
the USS Montrose and the humanitarianism effort given to the "People" of
Vietnam from the Captain and Crew of USS Montrose.
"Alaskan Wings" written by Jim Ruotsala, one of the Montrose Family. This
book covers aviation in Southeast Alaska from 1936 to 1946. Jim being born
and raised in Alaska has become a Aviation Historian in the state of Alaska.
This is a fine book for any Aviation buff.
"In Defense of Neutral Rights" "The United States Navy and the Wars
of Independence in Chile and Peru" by Edward Baxter Billingsley
Captain of USS Montrose (1954 to 1955 ) and one of our Montrose
Family. A great insite of the workings of our Navy and Country.
"An Anchor in the Prairie" by our very own Bill Forbes. Besides co-editor
of the "Ramblin Rose" newsletter Bill has sat down and wrote a book
covering his years as a Sailor, salesman and  broadcast Journalist. This
book will be available after November 27, 2006.
"The Vietnam Brown Water Navy" by Gordon Rottman A excellent book
on riverine and coastal warfare in Vietnam. USS Montrose was Flagship
for River Flot One, TF-117 Mobil Riverine Force in early 1967 and was
relieved by the USS Benewah in late April 1967 as Flagship.
"U.S. Amphibioua Ships and Craft"  A book of A to Z info and Illustrations
of everything you want to know about the "Gator Navy" The USS
Montrose is listed and covered in this publication.
"One Strange Practice" by John R. Judge M.D.Doc Judge is a retired
physician, who has always been an avid student of how Medicine has
evolved and how it interacts with the public it serves. Drawing on a 35
year medical career, which included a stint as ships Doctor on board
USS Montrose to use as a background for this book.
"Our Navy" magazine, Mid-March 1946. "No Glamor Ship" by Ken
Crotty-page 44. "The Montrose is just another APA that did her job.
and the part she played in WWII and the landing at Okinaawa.
Reunion Books and Buttons
Reunion 1989
San Diego, Ca
Reunion 1991
Reunion 1993
Savannah, Ga
Reunion 1994
Montrose, Co
Reunion 1995
Reunion 1997
Mexico cruise
Reunion 1999
Reunion 2000
Montrose, Co
Reunion 2001
Reunion 2003
Newport, RI
Reunion 2005
Francisco. CA
"Vietnam Home Movies" shot by our very own PC3 Wayne Lamond. This
harden Combat  Veteran managed to have his Super 8 film camera
along on many of our Combat Operation during the Vietnam War.
Montrose Name
his life and time in the twenty plus years in the US Navy. It has a nice
chapter on his time on the USS Montrose. A great book to sit back with and
reminisce of the days of our youth.
Reunion 2007
Branson, Mo
"Mexican Ghost Tales of the Southwest" written by our very own Alfred
Avila as told to him growing up. Alfred was a gunner's mate aboard the
"Rose" during the "Passage to Freedom" run's. He was a very talented
"Passage to Freedom" US Navy 1954-1955 Chuck full of info on
Montrose and a number of her crew. Put together by Ron Frankum
who attended Reunion 2001 and interviewed a number of our crew.
Reunion 2009
San Antonio TX.
These stories reflect the practice of medicine through the eyes of the
physicians. It shows another side of medicine , a side we as patients
never every think about. See  
Reunion 2013
Las Vegas NV.
Reunion 2011
Savannah GA