The USS Montrose APA/LPA-212 was named after Montrose County, Colorado.  This
page gives information about both the county and the city of Montrose.
Montrose County, Colorado is located on the western slopes of Rocky Mountains at the
junction of US 50 and 550.  The city of Montrose is the county seat and the local
population numbers about 30,000 people.

In the city of Montrose at Center Plaza you will find the ship's bell. During a ceremony
on May 2, 1970 the bell was presented to the city by Captain Jack Davis, the last
Captain of the Montrose.  In the City Council Chambers at City Hall hangs a picture of
the USS Montrose along with the ship's commissioning pennant.  The Montrose County
Historical Museum also has some memorabilia.  The Montrose library located at 320
South 2nd St. maintains a small clipping file and a VHS tape by Wayne Lamond (64-68).

The Association has a lot of memorabilia and other than it being shown at all the
reunions it just stays in storage.  We wanted to find a way that it could be displayed for
all to see and after checking around we found that the library in Montrose would be a
suitable for it.  We contacted the reference librarian, Ms. Hajjar and she assured us that
the library would be delighted to have the collection.  The collection will be catalogued
and then it will be put in the Colorado Room collection with other local history materials
so that both the area residents and crew members who come through Montrose to see
the bell could stop and see the materials.

Montrose City Library: