Mini Reunions
John Finney (1965-1966) and Terry Genow (1965-1967) visit
after 39 years. They got together in Aberdeen, NC  in October
of 2005.
Jerry Moore (1959-1963) and Gene Meechan (1967-1969)
exchange sea stories over a couple of brews at the Sparta
IL  VFW. September 2005.
Bob McRoberts (1965-1967) and Martain Aragon (1965-1968)
meet at Mini-Reunion 2000 at Montrose CO It was over 33
years since they last seen each other.
Russ McDonald (1965-1968) and Fred Salmon (1963-1966)
meet up at a Mini-Reunion in April 2005 at Lincoln NE They
had not seen each other since 1966.
Bob Arkle (1952-1955) was our Host at Mini-Reunion in
Lincoln NE A good time was had by all.
Tom McGarvey (1958-1961) and his puppy dog attend the
Lincoln NE reunion.
Jim Funk  (1952-1954)   and his wife Margaret attend the
Lincoln NE  reunion.
Pete Trame (1966-1969) and Barry Thompson (1966-1969)
meet Russ McDonald (1965-1968) in St. Louis MO for a
Mini-Reunion in April 2005. They have not seen each other
since 1968.
Jerry Loos (1969), Gene Skaalerud (1967-1969) and Russ
McDonald (1965-1968) tell some Sea Stories at the 2004
Mini-Reunion in Minneapolis MN
Invite to Mini-Reunion 2000, Montrose CO Hosted by Mike
Mike and Joann Phillips visit the USS Montrose ships bell
in Montrose CO in mid-2005.
Dave Sugart (1968-1969) Ralph Hebert (1965-1969) and
Russ McDonald (1965-1968) get together in Gonzales LA in
USS Montrose Association member Billie Bussell meets
with Mayor of New Orleans LA. and advises him on the
clean up.
Montrose CO mini-reunion 2000 Wayne Lamond
(1965-1968) rings Ship's Bell for those who have departed.
2000 Montrose CO. mini-reunion. Hospitality Room
Bob McRoberts (1965-1967) Russ McDonald (1965-1968)
and Arlo Sanchez (1964-1967) have mini-reunion in Cheyenne
WY in 2000
Little Mac and Big  Mac explore Blue Mesa Dam Overlook,
Curecanti National Receartion Area, Colorado. 2000
Montrose CO mini-reunion.
Russ McDonald Sr., Bob McRoberts, Russ McDonald Jr. and
the Red head Sandy McRoberts meet in WI. in 1998
Mac,Mac and Mac with the Red Head, WI. 1998
Bob McRoberts and Russ McDonald at the "High Ground"
Viet Nam Memorial in the state of Wisconsin 1998.
Vern Tormoen across from Rich Wolf and Lyne Hillesheim
sits across from Russ McDonald Sr. This in Minneapolis
MN. in 1998
J. D. Smith and his lovely wife Rachel were our hosts at
the Mini Reunion in Galveston TX We had a turn out of
about 44 people, fun was had by all.
Meeting in Hospitality room. Mini reunion 2006 Galveston TX.
SpongeBob along with Russ McDonald & Archie Moore tour
the fine sights of Galveston TX

Archie and Martha Moore enjoy a I-MAX show om tour

Mother nature steps in with a big blow to remind us who is
really in charge today as well as the days on the Montrose
Archie Moore shows the jersey of Terrell Owens who the
Cowboys stole from Connie and Wayne Lamond's beloved
Philadelphia Eagles
The site of Fort San Jacinto at the mouth of the main shipping
channel to Houston TX.
The "Salty" men of Montrose asked the OD of this fine US Navy
Ship if they needed some pointers on how to get underway. The
OD declined our offer. "SHUCKS"
Chief Bosnmate Archie Moore poses with a group of strikers who he
managed to get lost on tour. Way to go Second Div.
Frank Romero, Larry Fehrenbacher and Archie Moore share old Sea
Stories with each other. Archie and Frank had not seen Larry since
Our host J.D. Smith and Stephen Spohn play some oldies for our
entertainment in the Hospitality Room.

Billie Bussell our resident advisor meets with the Governor of Hawaii
Linda Lingle on some stately  issues.
Arichie Moore, Larry Fehrenbacher, Jim Funk and Mike Phillips
Jim Funk sends the wreath off the pier in Galveston TX 2006 mini
Mac and Ronald "Pappy" King meet in Tescott  KS. in Sept. 06
after more then 38 years pick up where they left off.
Fairview KS in Sept. 06. It was 38 years since they last seen
each other.
Archie Moore and Mac visit on the star on the fifty yard line in
Texas Stadium. The both were attending the Armed Forces
Bowl Dec, 23 2006 at TCU.
Keith & Kay Marlett visit with Vicky & Bob Hahn for a mini
reunion in sunny Florida.
Larry and Evelyn Danko hosts of Mini Reunion 2005  Springfield.
Bob Arkle, Eddie Cahill, J,D. Smith,Bill Carlson, and Larry Danko
at Korean War Memorial. 2005 Mini Reunion
Mary and Claude Hribal and Mike and Joann Phillips at 2005 Mini
Mary Hribal, John Short, J D Smih, Ed Cahill, Pat Cahill and
Rachael Smith at Hospitality Room 2005 Mini Reunion.
Claude and Mary Hribal 2005 Mini Reunion
Mini Reunion 2007 Harrisburg PA  Bob Funt and Frank
Schenk stand under Marquee.
Larry Fehrenbacher,Archie Moore, Frank Romero
and Russ McDonald at Mini Reunion 2006
Bob Arkle, Fred Salmon and Mike Phillips talk over some Sea
Stories in landlocked NE. looking for some water to float a
"Papa" boat. Mini reunion in June of 2007.
Our very own golf pro Terry Genow holds the first place cup
from the "Billy Baroo" golf tournament. July 2007, state of
Mac and Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez talk over stately
issues at meeting in Garden Grove CA. The Congresswoman
is a advocate for Veterans.
Ed Cahill takes one last ride before supper at the 2007
mini-reunion in Harrisburg PA.
Mac and Steve Spohn at command boat Coronado Amphib
base Feb, 2008  Part of Vietnam War Memorial
Gene Meechan and Mac at Vietnam Memorial, Coronado
Amphib. base.  Feb 2008
Mac and Gene Meechan stand aft of USS Recruit at NTC
San Deigo CA. This base has been closed down since the
late 90's.
Mac and Captain Gautier and Mrs Gautier (Fran) talk over
old times onboard ship and old friends at past reunions.
March of 2008.
Captain Gautier and his lovely wife Fran visit with Mac
and Steve and Karen Spohn. March 2008
Jay Locy and Eddie Cantrell have a mini-reunion in
Kearney, Nebraska. April, 2008
Billie Bussell and daughter in law Carol meet the Governor
of Louisiana. Billie wants to know if she can be his running
mate when he runs for President in 2012
Larry & Pat Terracino along with Vicky & Bob Hahn & Kay &
Keith Marlatt enjoy life in FL. at a Montrose Mini Reunion.It's
a great time when Montrose Family meet.
The 2009 USS Montrose Mini-reunion in Montrose CO.
Taken under the ships bell in the City and County of
Montrose CO the Ships name sake.
Mike Phillips stands next to a Eight foot boat built and given
to the Mini-reuion group by the Montrose High school
NROTC group.
William Carlson and his Grandson pull18 foot boat
gave to Mini-reunion group by Montrose High
NROTC group in Memorial Day Parade in IL.
Montrose Boat in Memorial day parade 5/25/2009 in
Pecatonica IL
Fred Salmon got a surprise for his 64th birthday from his
"DJ" son Josh Salmon. Backstage pass with the Beach
Boys Sat 6/6/09 in Grand Island NE.
Randy Baum and Eugene Meechan hold a
mini-reunion in OH in OCT. 2009. The Sea Stories
were a flowing and a good time was had by all.
Randy and Dorthy Baum have a mini reunion
with Eugene and Sue Meechan in Ohio
Fred and Mac visit in York NE. in Apr 2010
members of 1st Div.
Larry & Patricia Terracino,William & Mary
Carlson, and Russ (Mac) McDonald at
Gettysburg min-reunion 4/2011.
Same as above with the addition of Russ (Little
Mac) McDonald.
Welcome banner in Hospitality room for the
2011 Mini-Reunion Gettysburg PA.
Memorial wreath made for 2011 Mini-Reunion
by Christy Payne, Bob & Cindy Funt's
Terry Genow from Boat Group Div. telling Sea
stories to little Mac the only one who listened.
Jim & Peggy Funk from the 50 era. Jim was a
snipe back then
Mike & Joann Philips at the 2011 Mini-reunion in
the hospitality room.
Steve & Karen Spohn, and Robert Funt. All telling
about our days in the US Navy.
Terry Genow, Bob & Victoria Hahn, & Larry &
Patricia Terracino telling golf lies.
William & Mary Carlson enjoying  the Hospitality
room. All have a good time at this years
Gene Meechans  van. dedicated to the
three ships he served on.
Bill Forbes still has some gas in the
tank as he Tangos in South
Bill Miller & Emilio Ramilez dream of good old
days as they get together 2/2/2012
Linda & Bill Miller and Emilio & Augusta
Ramilez meet for a mini-reunion in Dallas
2/2/2012 Part of Montrose Family.
After a hard day with the grand kids Wayne
(doing what he does best) cuts some Zzzz No
wonder the Mail was always late on the Ship.
Eddie and Pat Cahill tour the USS Iowa
at Long Beach CA. 2012